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Steampunk AU

Leonardo had a problem.  For as long as he could remember, these ideas would come to his mind; ideas of machines and contraptions.  He could not simply let them fall by the wayside, no; he had to put them on paper.  The idea would burn into his mind if he did not try to work it out, and plan it all.  He would spend hours upon hours, drawing and writing notes all over the blank pages.  The inventor took to writing backwards, all to keep the notes private.  In a world where new inventions, especially those powered by steam, were in high demand, Leonardo was highly sought after for these ideas.  Commissions would come in as the people learned of what Leonardo was capable of.  As the inventions gained popularity, certain groups started to pick them up. 

One day, Leonardo was contacted via telegram by a group under the name “Abstergo”. 

The inventor knew instantly what they wanted.  This company mass produced everything, and pacifist or not, they knew Leonardo was good at building war machines.  When Leonardo turned down every one of their offers, they sent agents to bring him in.  All the agents had said up to that point was that they merely wanted to “talk.” Leonardo knew better than that, feeling something much greater was going on than he knew about.  The man knew he had to run, gathering what he could, and shoving it into his satchel.  Pulling a pair of brass goggles on, Leonardo slipped out of his home in the dead of night.  If he could remember correctly, he could make his way to his hometown, where his original workshop had been. 

  • 5 June 2012
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